Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Daily News Redux...

Daily News Redux:

Questions of the day:
  • Web X.0 IEEE workshop. What role will NLP play?
  • Are GPS navigation systems driving the TTS market (links randomly chosen from recent navigation system releases)?


jimich said...

Coolexon is only 3.3Mo ... just for a software and one lexicon.
You can DOWNLOAD additional lexicons for the 60 languages ... but each lexicons is several ko ...
And for the TTS ... yes, it uses Sapi5 ... so it can use all your sapi5 voices :-) ... it didn't come with a specific TTS.

So, the soft seems pretty ... but the PR is ... a bit lyar :-) j

Okko said...

Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. 3.3MB for a full TTS does seem a stretch, unless it does formant synthesis.

jimich said...

diphone synthesis is possible with 3.3MB ... by reducing the quality by codage (MBROLA, TD-PSOLA ...) ... and even unit selection synthesis is possible with HNM synthesis
(but i would'nt use that :-) ...)