Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Speech Meets Sales, Video Gaming and the Economist reports...

Many of those working in speech recognition, especially deploying customer-service telephone application, have grown tired the limited scope that most projects entail. I recently wrote about speech enabled knowledge bases as a novel type of speech app. In what may be another - at least I haven't heard this before - MTI and FasTrak Retail combine efforts to launch a 'virtual sales associates' platform. And of course there are the recurring dreams of voice enabled video gaming.

Speech synthesis is naturally more diverse than its recognition sibling (perhaps not everything 'I' in I/O can be channelled through voice, but pretty much everything 'O' can be synthesized.) In todays news, TTS is employed in emergency response systems to broadcast text messages as audio.

Lastly, speech got some rep in the Economist June 7th issue.

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